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LJ Speaks

Speaking Out For Our LiveJournal

LJ Speaks Out
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Speaking Out For Our LiveJournal
"Because comments in news can only do so much."

LJ has been making a lot of changes recently. Seems people aren't happy about a lot of them.

Here, people can speak up about these changes in one common place, so their voices can be heard loud and clear. This is OUR LiveJournal, and we're trying to keep it that way.

If there is a LJ-wide issue, this is the place to bring it. Instead of a thousand angry users speaking separately, let's bring it together in one place. State our issues calmly and diplomatically, so we can point LJ to it and say "Here. Here is what we want, this is how we feel." Also, this will be a place to bring together all the little tidbits of information spread throughout the many "official LJ communities" and the millions of comment threads within.

This is not a response to any one issue; this is a response to ALL LJ issues, present and future. For all the times we wish LJ would hear the users... let them speak here.

Let's speak together, for Our LiveJournal.
(Read our statement of purpose)


  1. NO ATTACKING. Keep the discussion civil! No matter how angry you might be, we want to be taken seriously. State all issues and complaints calmly and logically. If this becomes a rantfest, we'll be no different from the comment threads in news. Let's keep it informative, so users can use this community as a reference for the issues of LJ. THIS ESPECIALLY APPLIES TO ATTACKS ON INDIVIDUAL EMPLOYEES OF LIVEJOURNAL.

  2. The same obviously goes for members attacking each other. If you feel an issue really isn't that big of a deal, talk it out. But keep it civil, or you're gone.

  3. Posts ARE moderated to keep them on topic.

  4. Posts should be limited to highlighting new issues with LJ, or to consolidate information after a new post goes up in an official community.

    • If a new issue is discovered that hasn't come up before, do make a new post.
    • If an issue already present has a major change made to it, do make a new post to update the situation.
    • If an issue has already been raised and there is no new information, don't make a new post about it.
    • If a new news/lj_biz/lj_policy/lj_2008 etc. post goes up, do make a new post sorting out the useful information. However, no more than one post per new LJ posting. Double-posts on the same newsflash will be deleted. Also, if two or more communities update one after the other on the same issue, consolidate into one post to keep the clutter down.
    • If, in that post, an LJ staff member leaves important information, either make a comment to the above-mentioned summary post, or make a new post if it's big news.

  5. If you're making a new post about an issue, please do NOT just link to a post in a personal journal. Even if it's just a cut/paste job, all posts should be contained in this community. The only links should be to LJ-related information, like staff comments on a news post, or a LJ-relevant item from a news site. (This is to keep this community-focused, rather than bringing any one user under the collective eye of LJ. If we want to bring an issue to the attention of management, we want to post them links to HERE.)

  6. Keep the comments relevant, please. No macros, no needless pictures or rants. This also includes promises to leave LJ; many users may be pushed to that point, but this community is here to try and prevent that from becoming necessary. Saying "I give up" doesn't really do anything productive. (Using departure as a bargaining chip, however, is fully encouraged.)

  7. If it's a big post, or contains images, LJ-Cut it. Respect the f-lists of other users.

  8. Don't delete/screen the comments of other users. If you have a problem, contact a moderator.

  9. If you break a rule, you'll get a warning. In the case of an inappropriate post or comment, it will be deleted or screened as well. If you flagrantly break a rule, you'll be banned without warning (moderator's discretion). If you break rules constantly, you'll be banned. In short: Don't break the rules, and everything will be okay.

(Steal an icon! Show LJ you want Our Livejournal back!)

Credit to ljspeaks