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Stats from Yandex

Russian search engine Yandex (who also keeps its own stats on different russian speaking blogs) published its own research/info on the boycott "Day Without Content" in cyrillic sector of LJ

So here we go:

Number of cyrillic bloggers who posted in LJ on the last 5 Fridays:

These are numbers for each Friday from February 22nd till March 21.

And some info on people who did not write on March 21st:

20.27% - people who had the LJ account for over 3 years
18.79% - "from 3 to 1 year"
13.41% - "from 2 months to 1 year"
The numbers represent % of bloggers who did not post that day in their respective category. i.e. on march 21st 20.27% of russian speaking blogers who had LJ account for over 3 years weren't posting.

On average there was 15% drop in activity last Friday among russian-speaking LJ.

Is there any way to look up stats on the rest of LJ?
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