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This is something I wrote in my journal, after once again getting spam routed through LJ. I've reported this to abuse a few times and they say "we can't do anything about it. So I sent them code to use in Mimedefang, which would stop the spam. So now I'm hoping a public posting might get more action. If you are getting forged mail from your lj account to your lj account, you might want to make a note of this in your journal as well. This might not be the best PERL code, but it works. If someone sees a better way to write this code, have at it. I'm always usually happy to learn from others.

Livejournal, clean up your spam filtering. I'm done sending mail to abuse about this, and posting this here instead.

Livejournal is letting people forge mail on their mail servers. I have reported this several times, and I even sent the abuse team example code they could run that would fix the problem.

The latest, someone from 74.sub-75-200-132.myvzw.com telneted to the Livejournal's SMTP port on their mail server and forged mail to adameros@livejournal.com (me) to adameros@livejournal.com.

The spam is a for pills of various kinds like Viagra and the like.

The sad thing is, this kind of spam is VERY easy to filter. In fact, I developed code at my work to handle this within Mimedefang. (Which I believe you can run with POSTFIX, which Livejournal uses for their mail relays.)

To run this code you need to run mimedefang with the "-H" option to enable "filter_helo". Then in mimedefang-filter add the following:
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There are a lot of other stuff they could do. And this probably could be better written, but those little snippets of code work and would stop the forged mail spam.

Livejournal, please fix this problem. It is in your power to be a good netizen and fight spam, rather than being a blind dumb spam relay.

[Edited to put the code under a cut.]
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Am I just too paranoid?

Does anyone have any birdies whispering in their ear about what precautions LiveJournal is planning on putting in place to prevent Journal hacks like the most recent ones? I don't use a Hotmail account, but you can bet they'll crack gmail addresses too. Sigh. And I did the secret question thingy, but they must have some way to prevent that sort of thing. That one journaler lost 5 years of posts. 5 years! Just sayin'.

ETA:  Here's the link where they were talking about the accounts that were hacked.

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Because probably, 4874 comments in, they aren't listening anymore....

A comment I made in this post:

"Stop catering to MySpace and Facebook. You have a core group of customers, some of whom have been around for close to a decade. If you are that desperate to play nice-nice with the MySpace and Facebook generation, create a new and seperate (and optional!) offshoot of lj and call it "LJ Networking". THERE. PROBLEM SOLVED. Now please return the profile page back to its previous, not-in-any-way-difficult-to-read state."

Y/N? I mean, if that's what LJ's trying to do, why not just do it, and leave the rest of us alone?

Another good suggestion I've seen: If you can't offer everyone a profile page opt-out, at least offer paid and permanent members one.
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Use of LJ posts in newspaper

There's a new post ru_news  that did not find a reflection in main community news . It has some new things as well as very interesting information. Starting September 16th all LJ posts that are being indexed by russian search engine Yandex.RU might be used as addition to articles in Gazeta.RU. And the post says that the only way to exclude yourself from this "service" is to check off Search inclusion option in Privacy Settings. How's that for violation of privacy and using copyrighted quotations.

BTW the news itself is here: http://ru-news.livejournal.com/7031.html under #2

Basic Account Returning

I'm delighted by the upcoming return of the Basic Account option! I really appreciate LJ's response to user input.

Regarding themes: I've noticed that some themes have a prominent RSS Feed option, usually appearing in the sidebar; some have a Search window; none have both; and most have neither. This seems to be a function of the theme. I like the "Bluetiful" theme I've been using, but it doesn't have either the RSS Feed or Search option. I'd really like to have those on my LJ, and I need a theme like "Bluetiful" that is plain and boxes in all the subdivisions for clarity.

Howbout doing another theme contest and encouraging people to update old themes by adding those two features or submitting new themes that include them? I think a lot of other users would appreciate that.
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Announcing LJ United.

I wanted to let the LJ Speaks community know about the creation of ljunited-- a coalition of LiveJournal users dedicated to putting forth a slate of two qualified candidates for the upcoming LJ advisory elections, drawn from individuals who believe in basic principles for LiveJournal that are very much appreciated by and in line with the beliefs of the LJ Speaks community. 

Do you believe that the promises that were made to LiveJournal's members are gradually being eroded?

Promises like:

Working with the community, for the community.
Honoring the status of every account.
Maintaining the uptime and performance of the site.
Staying advertisement free.
Never sending us unsolicited e-mail.
Supporting the Free Software movement. 

Are you aware that LiveJournal is shrinking... and concerned about what that could mean for its future in a profit / loss corporate world?

Are you concerned that the promises made by LiveJournal for protecting our privacy may be weakened and undermined by LiveJournal's new owners? Were you aware that in Russia today, LiveJournal user Savva Terentyev is behind bars, facing the possibility of two years imprisonment for posting a comment, saying that Russia would be better off if bad, corrupt police were publically executed?

Are you concerned that the election of LiveJournal members to LJ's advisory council could become little more than a popularity contest, without making sure that LiveJournal's users get what they want - skilled representatives who stand up for our rights, strongly supported by LiveJournal's members?

Then please, join LJ United.  A coalition of LiveJournal users that believe that the promises that were once made to us should be the basis of what we would ideally like to see again, and who intend to use those promises as the platform for the nomination of a Russian and non-Russian representative to LiveJournal's advisory council.

We believe that the best way for LiveJournal to be a successful business is to restore the trust of its members, for we are its greatest asset, its strongest evangelists, and its most loyal, dedicated customers... but only when we have reason to believe in them again. 

Until that time, there's ljunited
Let's stand together. 
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Forced to delete an entry, threatened with termination of accounts

It's a long story, but I will try to keep it as short as possible. I have talked about it in my journal, but it is in Russian, and I figured some of you English speakers out there might be interested to know as well.

Three weeks ago I posted an entry which linked to a script I wrote, and explained how the script worked. The script generated a code composed of HTML tags allowed on lj and text, based on user input, and was (still is) located on a remote site. Since then the link has been reposted around the Russian blogosphere (lj mostly) close to 300 times (270 at the moment). The page containing the script was loaded 7500 times, the script was run 5000 times and the HTML code generated with the help of this script was posted here and there on lj over 600 times. Yesterday I received a letter from an AT member, which I will quote here along with my response. I have heard rumors of users getting banned from lj for posting AT letters. However, this is not in violation of ToS, I have not signed any other agreements with the party in question and I have not been explicitly asked to keep this information confidential. Collapse )